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Northridge Vision — a Long-term Vision for the Community of Northridge

The City of Los Angeles, the Northridge East, West and South Neighborhood Councils, Cal State University Northridge and the North Valley Regional Chamber of Commerce have launched an aggressive campaign to establish a vision and develop a strategic plan for the community of Northridge and Northridge Business District. The vision will consider community goals, the existing Northridge Community Plan and business/tenant mix, local and regional demographics, potential for public and private redevelopment, and prior initiatives. The vision will also focus on the Cal State University Northridge campus as the hub of the community—how best to develop the “college town” personality and synergies between the university’s new performing arts center, and a walkable “village” area of the business district.

Mail contact: Northridge Vision/Mulholland Institute, 5121 Van Nuys Blvd, 2nd Flr., Sherman Oaks, CA 91403.

Information hot line: 818-627-9566

Council District 12

Office number: 1 818 886 5210

Cal State University Northridge

Land Use and Planning


  • Graffiti removal (West Valley Alliance): 1 818 885 8885
  • Abandoned vehicles on the street (Department of Transportation): 1 800 222 6366

Homeowners’ Groups

The Lindley West Coalition, LaVillanueva Homeowners Association, and Northridge Townhome Estates stakeholders have been in negotiation with CSUN since mid-2002 over planned street closures (vacations). At the February NENC meeting, Pat LoPresti gave an introduction and status update on the negotiations; a summary is in the minutes. Some of the relevant documentation is:

For more information now and in the future contact or call 772-0970.

CSUN Development Plans

The University’s expansion plans are guided by a master initiative called Envision 2035. As the name implies, this initiative covers the 30 years starting in 2005. For full public details, visit the CSUN web site pages for the initiative.


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