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Bus-Only Lane Violations to Be Enforced


LADOT has begun targeted enforcement of bus-only lanes across Los Angeles issuing written warnings in the first week of their targeted enforcement. Starting next week, all violators may receive a citation and may be towed in accordance with municipal code. As a reminder, it is illegal to park or stop in bus-only lanes during posted times.

Parking enforcement ensures that buses can utilize the bus lanes as designed in a safe and secure manner while minimizing conflicts with parked or idling cars, delivery vehicles loading/unloading in the lanes, or other actions that might affect the safety of bus riders, pedestrians, and motorists, and/or impede the speed and reliability of our bus service.


What is a bus-only lane?

A bus-only lane gives buses dedicated space to travel separately from vehicles.  A separate lane allows buses to get riders to their destinations faster and more reliably.

Who is allowed to use the lanes?

Bus-only lanes are for use by buses only during the stated hours of operation. Emergency vehicles, drivers making right turns and people on bicycles can use the bus-only lane when needed.

Is parking and loading/unloading allowed?

Do not park, load, unload, or drop off/pick up passengers in the bus-only lanes during the stated hours of operation. *Refer to signage for restrictions.

Can I make right turns?

Drivers are permitted to enter the bus-only lanes to make legal right turns at intersections and driveways.


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