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How to Get a Vaccine Appointment in Los Angeles


Here are the vaccine facts you need to know:

ELIGIBLE NOW: All L.A. residents 65 and older are now eligible for the vaccine in L.A. County, joining healthcare workers, certain essential frontline workers, and residents and staff of skilled nursing facilities on the list of those who can currently get vaccinated. You don’t have to live in the city to come to one of our sites, and if you are a City of L.A. resident, you can go to any L.A. County site as well. For those 65+ who DO NOT have access to the internet, you can call the Call Center at 833-540-0473. It is open seven days a week from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

L.A. City Vaccinations:

L.A. County Vaccinations:

UP NEXT: The next eligible group to receive vaccinations will be workers in education and childcare, emergency services, and food and agriculture, as soon as the County and State give the green light. Hopefully the priority will be given to those workers providing childcare who can help get our schools open for our children allowing more people to return to work when it is safe. See what phase you’ll be in.

VACCINATION SITES: More than 98 locations are currently vaccinating people in L.A. County. Each week, as doses become available, more sites and providers will administer shots. When your turn arrives, you’ll need to make an appointment through the City portal or the County hub and bring your ID to the site. You can also talk with your doctor about the vaccine.

APPOINTMENTS ARE REQUIRED: At this time you must have a prior appointment in order to be vaccinated.

ELIGIBILITY DOES NOT NECESSARILY INCLUDE FAMILY: The state and county’s phased rollout is based on the risks associated with your job or health factors. These factors may differ within members of the same family or household.

APPOINTMENTS ARE NOT TRANSFERABLE: You should not use any links or appointments that are not addressed to you. You will be asked for identification and will be turned away if you are not the individual who was invited to be vaccinated. Vaccines will be available in a matter of months, if not weeks, and in order to ensure everyone gets a vaccine, it is important that you seek a vaccine when it is your turn.

REQUIREMENTS FOR THE SECOND SHOT: The COVID-19 vaccine is a two-part inoculation. To achieve the proper level of immunity, you must receive two shots timed 21 or 28 days apart, depending upon the vaccine you receive. It is important to find out which vaccine you receive so that you and your provider can plan for your second shot.

VACCINATIONS DO NOT REPLACE WEARING A MASK AND SOCIAL DISTANCING: We don’t know if vaccines stop spread or how long it might take to build immunity in the population. We all must continue wearing a mask and social distancing. We need to do as much as we can to stop the virus. Vaccines boost your immune system so it will be ready to fight the virus if you are exposed –– but researchers are still working to determine whether it also prevents the virus’s spread. The more people who choose to get vaccinated when it is their turn, the faster we will reach a point where the pandemic comes to an end. Therefore, once you are vaccinated, it is important to continue wearing a mask, washing your hands, and social distancing. Together, these tools offer the best protection from COVID-19 until the pandemic is behind us.

Please click here for frequently Asked Questions where you can also sign up for alerts and updates.

Please click here for the phases and tiers of vaccine distribution.

Please click here for an easy, color-coded way to track distribution in the County.


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