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Reseda Blvd. Beautification Update from Tom Baker

I was able to spend about six hours yesterday cleaning/watering all the Planters on Reseda from Lassen to Roscoe, and even added a few clippings into the worst one’s (plummer/reseda west side of street, and roscoe/reseda east side of street). I poured over 506 gallons yesterday and good thing too as most were in horrible need of water. Maybe they’ll make it through this weeks heat wave now.

I would like to acknowledge the following Businesses for their generous donations of water as the first 266 gallons were on me which is the maximum amount of weight my old truck can carry. Please support these local Businesses

  • Falafel Palace (always generous so please frequent them)
  • Northridge Dialysis (they don’t know it but I spotted a spigot on Reseda)
  • Stereo One (always very very generous so please frequent them)
  • Thrifty Gasoline Station (always generous so please frequent them)
  • Medical Building 8940 Reseda (they don’t know it but I spotted a spigot on Reseda, watered new plants in front of building put in by Don Larson)
  • Carls Jr. (found water spigot behind restaurant and always Thank them)
  • Jiffy Lube (always very very generous so please frequent them, watered new tree planted next to Planters as well)

If you are interested: each gallon weighs in apprx. at 8.34lbs, so my old truck can carry 2,218.44 lbs. How many pounds you might ask that I lifted/carried yesterday as I did this one solo. It came in roughly 4,220lbs. Not bad for a half days work.


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