Monthly Meeting Minutes, February 15, 2006 at Andasol Avenue School

  1. Meeting called to order by President Kelly Lord at 7:10 P.M.
  2. Pledge of Allegiance to the American Flag led by Judith Nutter
  3. Minutes reviewed and motion to approve made by Alice McCain, seconded by Kelly Lord
  4. Attendance - Present: Chuck Bunnell, James Gardner, Kelly Lord, Joe Nam, Thomas Baker, Don Dwiggins, Alice McCain, Caroline Moore, Judith Nutter, Judie Levin. Absent: Matt Adelman, Lucille Meehan (excused), Steve Patel (excused) , Scott Hayman
  5. Agenda Item # 1 Presentation from Robin Gilbert for California Clean Money Campaign
    1. The goal is full public financing of political campaigns.
    2. “Clean Money Campaign” is non partisan and non profit.
    3. This “Clean Money” public financing is used in Maine, Arizona, the cities of Portland Oregon, San Diego California, and Albuquerque New Mexico.
    4. How it works: Donations are given by voters to establish a campaign. The campaign is funded by the government.
    5. Spending money is considered free speech, but a “Clean Money” campaign would be respected by the electorate.
    6. “Clean Money in California” will come to a vote in the future.
  6. Agenda Item #2 Public Address System for Council - Tom Baker
    1. Need: one speaker and three microphones plus one for public comments. Cost between $250 and $400 from our budget. Tom Baker and Steve Patel are comparative shopping and are open to suggestions.
    2. Motion made to approve purchase of PA system from NENC funds made by Alice McCain. Seconded by Judith Nutter.
  7. Agenda Item #3 LADOT Street Vacation, Etiwanda Ave. At Halsted, Pat LoPresti update.
    1. This involves a grid of parallel streets running North and South (Darby, Etiwanda, and Lindley) ending at Halsted at the North, and North University Drive at the South. Darby, Etiwanda, and Lindley streets would be closed.
    2. A traffic study, a time line and maps were provided to NENC
    3. The neighborhood is concerned about a possible entry gate at Halsted and Lindley, the possibility of thru traffic on Lindley and Darby, and additional parking structure traffic.
    4. The neighbors have been partially polled and are overwhelmingly against allowing Darby, Etiwanda and Lindley to be opened.
    5. CSUN was very responsive to the neighbor’s concerns
    6. Pat LoPresti will be kept informed about future developments.
  8. Agenda Item #4 Election Committee Report by Don Dwiggins
    1. Election committee draft submitted to Department of Neighborhood Empowerment (DONE)
    2. Thomas Soong of DONE offered a “first review” of our draft by February 18,2006. It would be approved by DONE by March 13,2006.
    3. April 19th, there will be a special meeting on what it means to be a candidate, what it means to be a board member.
    4. May 17th is the deadline for filing. No write ins
    5. June 7th there will be a special meeting at which candidates are invited to make presentations.
    6. June 11th is Election Day. Poll hours will be from 1:00 – 5:00 P.m. at Andasol Elementary. Stake holders will present their credentials and mark their ballots.
    7. June 23rd is the deadline for challenges to the election.
    8. Not the entire board will be up for re-election. The board will serve staggered terms.
  9. John Bwarie from Los Angeles City Councilman Greig Smith’s Office made presentations and announcements.
    1. February 23,2006 11:30 A.M. Groundbreaking for the Northridge Aquatic Complex on Reseda Blvd in Northridge. RSVP for lunch at (818) 756-8501.
    2. Presentations of certificates for participants in the neighborhood cleanup January 28,2006. The next project will be April 1st.
  10. Public Comments:
    1. Jay Greenhow spoke as a concerned neighbor near the Northridge Nazarene Church which seeks approval for a cell phone tower. The neighborhood is very much against the project.
  11. Motion to adjourn by Alice McCain, seconded by Kelly Lord.
  12. Adjourned at 8:27 P.M.